V I R S A by VerryIndia


VIRSA means “our cultural roots and heritage”. The story of Virsa ties back to hand spinning and hand weaving different fabrics like Khaadi, Silk, Cotton and others during the Swadesi Movement. It is also intricately connected to the age old art of Block printing.

Virsa is a small step towards revitalising these ‘Very Indian’ traditional art forms which are on the brink of extinction.Working with artisans on hand looms and handicrafts, it is trying not only to revive but also preserve that tangible connection to our past. The advent of machines and fast life has impacted the very foundation, core and identity of Indian weaves and the handloom. The struggle of India  for freedom and the hand loom are interconnected and need to be nourished, protected and developed for the future of the survival of Indian villages and life in the rural areas.Through Virsa, we collaborate with local artisans, who weave our original motifs on handloom to give us a zero carbon footprint product, completely handmade with natural fabrics like Khaadi, Cotton and Silk using Vegetable dyes. This not only helps them earn a respectable living, but also secures the future of the remaining few weavers in our cottage industry.

OUR STRENGTH lies in the Originality in creation and design of products and Our commitment to make a difference in the lives of many.


The highlights of our collection is the use of traditional weaves and vegetable colours blended with illustrations of life around, to bring alive these amazing pieces of art, our heritage.The process is slow and painstaking; but that is how these beautiful creations are handcrafted. Virsa’s freshness comes from its original designs.

Virsa is an expression of modern life; it is a fusion which goes with the west and the east.

It is a celebration of Life, Indian design at its colourful and original best.

These are 100% natural products, good for your skin because it breathes and is environmentally friendly.

Take care of your Virsa products and they will look beautiful for years. The more you use, the better they will look.


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