VerryIndia is a Socially conscious enterprise based out of Pune with an aim to explore, experiment and experience the magic, that is India.

On one hand we give space to the young to explore and experiment their artistic talents in creating maha quirky utility and lifestyle products capturing the rich diversity of India with an infusion of humour.

On the other hand we are working with traditional artisans to revive & promote dying arts and crafts under the name of VIRSA, meaning our cultural heritage and roots. VerryIndia through its Project VIRSA is trying Revive and Reinvent our traditional looms n threads and colours for the changing times and also encouraging youth to take it up as a livelihood option, through different forums of training, courses and interactions with artisans.

Our Logo

While the kite in our logo represents our playful and exploratory disposition, we wear our Indian tricolor with pride and responsibility. We are a fair profit, socially responsible organization and believe in our contribution towards social causes through art. We actively use our art to raise funds for relief projects, conduct art workshops for low income community schools and collaborate with various organisations in skill development for different marginalised groups from various segments of society.

Let us introduce ourselves to you.

VerryIndia Team

Harmeett Saini
Head of Operations

She is also our Mother Verry India who can get everything accomplished with her smile, melodrama, emotional blackmail or all of the above.

Geetanjali Purty
Graphic Designer, In-house Photographer and DJ

She is also trying her hand at client servicing but we have realised that she communicates better with aliens than humans. We will soon be sending design proposals to Mars.

Vikram Nandwani
Cartoonist and the Soul of Verry India

All rounder – We are not just talking about his talents! He is a perfectionist and has the vision of an eagle that misses nothing. He is a foodie and extremely passionate about the ‘thought’ of exercising.”

Niket Dixit
Graphic Designer and Calligraphy Specialist

He creates magic with Ink and havoc with his voice. He doubles up as our very own ‘Cacophonix’.

Vibha Palekar
Graphic Designer, Animator and the Pundit of PJs

She is an amazing visualizer and brings life to our cartoons. She loves to work when she is not busy with anything else. Irrespective of other talents, she is very talented in cracking lame jokes.

Poonam Bhorkade
Inventory Control Specialist

She is the search engine for our warehouse, manages data and is the only person who knows everything from people to products. She is not too fond of talking and is forever on mute, so she will soon move to customer support.